A creation of love.  Acrylic paint on a tee shirt.  Curious George Goes to the Aquarium was my son’s favorite book at the time.  He finally agreed to this as a Halloween costume after not wanting any costume for the whole month of October.

I have so much to do today, but with a topic such as this, how can I resist.

My whole life has centered around this word.  I’ve been creating from at least the age of five.  I remember my first drawings being dinosaurs, in particular Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus. and horses.  Simple line drawings that I loved.  My next memory is of drawing the head of a fawn as part of an assessment for a school or something that was in the TV Guide back in the sixties.  I drew it on the back of a brown paper lunch bag.  I remember showing my parents and they did not believe that I it was my own work, but thought that I traced it…. REALLY?  If anyone knows those bags, you know there is no way possible to trace onto an opaque, brown bag which folded, has two layers of paper, to boot.

So, I continued to draw and paint in various mediums in school.  Back then, art class was once a week in elementary school and every day in high school.  I took the 4 hour studio class once a week in high school.  In my sophomore year, I got out of school at 11am for four days and the other day got out at 4:30pm.  Not bad.  I learned how to paint in acrylics and I loved it.

Fast forward to adult life.  I continued to paint and draw into my twenties and after I started work, but after I got married, all that stopped.  As time went on, though, I discovered other crafts and engaged in those using the hot glue gun.  I made wall hangings, ornate photo albums, and anything I could think of.  Back then there was no internet, but somewhere in there, mid to late 1980’s, internet came to our house and I went onto Prodigy and I think AOL.  There were little communities that I joined and engaged in crafty swaps.

I love making a unique idea into a real object and back then it was the nickname that my husband had given me, “Jellybean.”  I had made a cartoon of it with my facial features, then with the help of a coworker who could make sewing patterns, I created a fuzzy stuffed mini cartoon me.  The stupid thing I did was give it to my husband at the time.  One day while I was in the basement, I came across it and it was destroyed.  My husband’s family dog had gotten a hold of it and destroyed it.  I can’t begin to convey the hurt I was feeling then.  The breath had gone out of me like I was punched in the stomach.

Fast forward again, to my next adult life and my predominant creative outlet is all things fiber.  I have been seriously knitting, do crochet, spinning and have written a couple of simple patterns since 2005, after my son was born.  I tend to stick with patterns not too sophisticated and don’t need me to wrestle with my brain, especially now with the cancer brain.  I love yarn and creating yarn from fiber.  A friend of mine very generously cut down the price of an antique spinning wheel and it has been a really good fit for me and my lead foot.  Thank you so much, Lisa!  You have no idea how deeply I feel about that.  Without you, I NEVER would have been able to get a wheel.

Very recently, I’ve added back into the mix fine art by choosing painting with pastels.  Not liquid paints, but the colors are very intense.  This medium is more new to me than not and it’s pretty challenging.  My goal is to work on becoming comfortable using these, but I only have a small set, so a good challenge and practice is working with limited colors.  There is a debate out there regarding what this medium be classified as:  drawing or painting.  I believe that it’s both.  First of all, you can take a pastel pencil and sketch with it.  Second, pastels are pure pigment in a binder and you can wet a brush and literally create a wash as with paints.  The colors as so vivid and talented artists can render a photo-perfect painting with just pastels.  I’ve been viewing a lot of video tutorials out there and I find so much possible and totally amazing work out there in the ether.

Here are a few photos of my projects and creations….particularly my jewelry making attempt, focusing on wire wrapped pendants.  I loved doing that but sales, in general, were dismal.