The very first thing I think about when I see this word is YARN.  Loops are essentially the basis of both knitting and crochet.  Think about a loop, very simple yet you can derive a myriad of stitches, crossing over two very different ways of creating fabric; and within those two separate crafts are another myriad of ways to modify loops to create either very simple or very sophisticated patterns.  Totally amazing and only a knitter or a crocheter can understand that.  At no time are we ever bored, believe it or not.  I can go on and on just about this one perspective of loops.

camploopy_med_screenrez2You’re “just a tad” crazy when you’re loopy….. or a sheep.

Or a knitter a Camp Loopy.

Another way if thinking about loops is like being caught inside a loop and going round and round in circles, yet going nowhere.  Ever feel like that?   Like a skipping record?    Like getting caught in the maze that is Ikea?  Let me out of here!  Like trying to wrap Space-Time Loops around your head?  As much as I am intrigued about the idea of time travel, I could never wrap my head about the theory.  Sometimes I lament the shortcomings of my brain.  I want so much to understand, yet I cannot.  There is, I think, a bible quote out there that, of course, I cannot remember nor find.  It says something like, “do not try to understand more than you are able to,” or something like that.  Some people, and I am one, spend all their energy trying to learn and understand things that they cannot.  So frustrating from each and every view.

infinity_photoFunny how the symbol for infinity, looked at another way, implicates running around in circles and passing the starting point over and over, because if you’re drawing it, it must start from somewhere.