…. Yeah, I say that as a question because I thought the LAST time was the last time.  I guess I had high expectations.  I already got my discharge orders 3 days before the end, which will be Friday, Nov. 10th.  After that, however, I need to start another round of chemo and then, hopefully, THAT will be the end.


I really just wanted to pop in here to let you all know that I’m doing okay.  I moved beyond my meltdown when I had the sleeve removed and my radiologist even commented yesterday that he thought I looked “chipper” and in a better frame of mind than last time we spoke.  When I went to my first ‘booster’ appointment, I wasn’t sure if I could keep it together and stay still for the treatment, but I did and I was able to keep still.  I am also happy to report that although I still have a little bit of diarrhea, I feel okay and able to wear my OWN underwear.  Hey, that’s a BIG thing~!  Right now I am at Panera’s after my treatment, more because we are having work done at the house and they had to shut the water off and I thought this was safer than going home.  Seriously though, I feel good and my stomach feels good.  If you have a Panera’s account, you’ll be happy to know that you can get a free bagel every day in November.  Woo Hoo, because I need a place to stay until this work is done.  Back on Thursday!  Just got off the phone with my hubby and there is a lot of jack hammering going on as I sip my coffee.  So glad I’m not there right now.

I love those radiation people~!  I believe their beautiful “bedside manner” was instrumental in seamlessly going back there for these last treatments… tomorrow is my last one.  They let me talk and almost every time, I let them know when I fart.  I’m so aware of  how totally BAD my farts smell.  Never had this happen quite like this before.  It starts, it just keeps coming and from nowhere.  OMG, TMI, I know, but c’est la vie.  HA. So yesterday when I announced it, the therapist said, “Oh, I thought that was the foot leg cushion.”  That is covered with vinyl and makes that squeaky noise.  So funny.  Anyway, this is what you get reading this blog.  A LOT of hot air that rings with truth.

Oh, I wanted to post this link

I already got my discharge orders from radiation and that was five days before my last day.  I already also have my two-week follow up appointment scheduled.  I guess they really want to get rid of me… Just kidding!  Life goes on and they all did their jobs well.  While I am edging my way out the door, they are welcoming another new patient, giving them the much needed reassurances, warmth and loving care.

So next step.  I tried to make a doctor’s appointment with the medical oncologist but the office of the medical oncologist did not answer and just tried again and the person hung up on me.  Infuriating!  I would have blamed my cell phone carrier, but the call went through!   Will try them back later.  UPDATE:  Just got through there and now I have to wait for someone to get back to me because there is some uncertainty as to what location I will need to see him at.

So I guess this is the end for me until it starts up again.  I have to say that I will need to read up about how to take care of myself during chemo all over again.  I am remembering little bits and pieces of things and I’ll be honest and say that I’m getting worried about whether I can keep this up again for the whole time during treatment.  It was horrible to be isolated from people and the resignation from accepting the fact that I can’t plan to go or do anything near people.  During radiation, I didn’t have to worry about my immune system, but with chemo, I will have to.  This weekend, I will be seeing a lot of my friends and that will probably be the last time until after the year that I’ll see anyone.  No year-end holidays in my future until next year (again), unless the oncologist wants to start after Thanksgiving.  I will not ask for a delayed date because I believe I just need to get this done and since the grade of this cancer is not exactly the tamest and slowest cancer, I will want to move on to this next step quickly.  If HE says he wants to wait, then okay.

Better things are coming.