99060e4e176d6577b6d1c882d44ec1c8--human-trafficking-project-ideasI haven’t reblogged anything for quite some time and today has just broken that trend.  This poem is resonating with me today and maybe I really need this.  The Original Poster, Secret Angel, is writing from a much different perspective and that is from the perspective of abuse.  In some ways I feel that I am being abused by life.  I know that sounds crazy to you… AND me; but what else can I think about suddenly being harassed by my own body?

Sometimes I feel guilty because I am not experiencing abuse like this poster has, but I have experienced emotional and mental abuse from a spouse, though that was 20+ years ago.  Back then I was powerless because I gave away my power.  Now in this situation, I feel that I am not in control of what is happening to me.  This cancer seems to be tough to shake off.  I need to do chemo again, but I wonder what it will be like.  Will it be different?  It seems to have to be stronger because after I finished the first round, and it DID shrink the cancer, it was not as significant a change as I had hoped and expected.  Ah, expectations will ruin a life.

Back to this poem…. It gives me a chance at victory.  It speaks to hope and faith in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  Peace be with you.

When evil surrounds you… but a quiet Peace is in the air… knowing God’s in total control… and His presence is truly there. For no evil will come near you… when you have total trust in Him…

via When Evil Surrounds You — The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel