Just a little update after an appointment with the Medical Oncologist…..

Had a pre-chemo treatment appointment today and it was a shocker… in a good way.  The short of it is that originally, I thought I was going to go right into another chemotherapy after my radiation and that’s not happening.

We had a talk and he thought it was best to not rush into it, which is “good” but not what I thought how it was going to go down.  It seems that the “plan” is not really a solid plan until it actually happens.  I suppose that if they can’t do the preferred hysterectomy,  treatment becomes less and less of an “expected known.”  Without the surgery, I am at a higher risk for the cancer to come back, regardless of treatment done.  I will have another appointment with him after my follow-up appointments with the radiologist and GYN Oncologist Surgeon.

I need to question my radiologist about the amount of radiation I’ve had so far and what risk, if any, I am for the potential of being “over” radiated between all the scans I’ve had and radiation treatments.  Seriously, I don’t even think they know and I doubt there is a quantitative answer.  If someone gets too much radiation, whether it be treatments, CT scans, x-rays, whatever, the risk goes up and up for a second cancer to develop, unrelated to this uterine cancer.

My follow-up with the gyn surgeon is pertains to the procedures that were done on me in the OR in preparation for the attempted brachytherapy.  Despite that ultimate failure, a sleeve was implanted, then taken out by the surgeon, in her office, and that is the basis of this follow-up.  I will take the opportunity to question her about the possibility of having the hysterectomy surgery.  A little reminder here that my surgeon is not crazy about the prospect of working on my uterus.  I have visions of a disintegrating uterus falling apart in her hands; and I’ve got to say that I know, and can feel a difference down there.  I don’t want to talk about that here and now, but maybe in the future.

Anyway, at the end of December I will have a CT scan done…. which already that is also not the preferred and much-needed test because a PET scan is.  The PET shows what is going on in your whole body and the CT scan is only local and I will need three, chest, abdominal and pelvic to get more of a broad view of my body and if cancer is anywhere else other than my pelvic area.  The bottom line is that I cannot get the PET because insurance won’t cover it and the charity care that I have with this hospital limits me to only this hospital and they do not have a PET scan.  I simply cannot just go and get one done somewhere else.

It’s possible that I might not need further treatment, but I don’t want to put all my eggs in that basket of hope.  Most likely this will just be a break from the cancer stuff which is a blessing in and of itself.  If results from the scans and blood tests are good, that will mean monitoring the situation on a regular basis.  I may or may not need more chemo, but the longer I go without it, my body gets more time to heal in either preparation for more chemo or for the rest of my life.


More importantly, I get much-needed time with my family, whom I’ve not seen in years, it seems, without the threat of possibly getting sick because of being on chemo treatments.  I won’t have to isolate myself and at least the end of this year can be spent with friends, family and getting back to church during one of the most sacred times of the year, the time of year we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I get to follow through with volunteering at our Christmas Bazaar and introducing my son into the world of volunteer work, starting at the church in preparation for his Confirmation next year.

Ah people, today life is GOOD.  I have so much to be thankful for and so appropriate that this news comes as the Thanksgiving season is upon us.  Yes, to me this is big news, although, I am careful to remind myself to not get too carried away.