Well, overdue, yes; but since there’s been more information so you can say that I’m killing two birds with one pen quill.  I guess I was exhausted from writing, exhausted from thinking.

In mid-November, on the 17th to be precise, I had an appointment with my medical oncologist, thinking that I was going right back into chemo after radiation treatments.  As reported in “Early Christmas Present.”  The plan was called the “sandwich” treatment, which I was told was a pretty standard thing–chemo, radiation, chemo and I was ready for it.  During my appointment, I was told that he wanted me to have a CT scan at the end of December to see the progress (if any) of the radiation.  Radiation takes a while to work because it lingers in the body and progress can’t be accessed until time passes.  So this was GREAT~!  I would either be cured or at the very least, I would have a long stretch of a break before chemo started up again and I was happy with that.  I would have the whole holiday season to feel free to mingle with family and friends and basically allow myself to feel normal again.  Okay, so that brings me up to what you know.

So I had my CT scan on Dec. 28th and my oncologist called me with the results and what he wanted to do.  CT scan and blood work was good.  Some shrinkage and everything pretty much normal.  He told me that he wanted to monitor me closely and hold off on chemo treatment.  This threw me off because he did not say that I was cancer free.  Let me just say right here that I am not the kind of person who can just jump right back in there, asking meaningful questions.  I need to process and also I have the luxury of having concerned family and friends who are not afraid to ask the tough questions. They pretty much do the thinking for me, or I should say they elaborate, fill in the gaps of my forming concerns and basically give the words that allude me.

It took me a little while to catch up with my doctor, but during this call he basically said that if he could just treat this with chemo and cure me he would, but that would not happen.  He also wanted me to revisit with the surgeon the possibility of having a hysterectomy.  Funny, the radiologist also wanted me to do that.

I just had a follow-up with the GYN oncologist surgeon and she basically told me that my diabetes is complicating things, as well as is the radiation effects.  There is a lot of scarring of the tissues in there and circulation in that area, my uterus, cervix, vagina… I guess the whole pelvic area.  Diabetes affects my body’s ability to heal itself, so compromised circulatory system and diabetes would not be a good thing for me to go through.  I asked the surgeon if the tissue would ever heal to the point of making surgery possible and she said no.  She said that I can always go, and have the right to go for a second opinion; however, my gut believes her.  Looks like I’m keeping my uterus.

She did originally agree with the oncologist about monitoring me, but she amended that with me because she was under the impression that I had the full chemo treatment, but before my appointment saw on my records that I had only three treatments.  She is going to recommend to the medical oncologist the do the chemo treatments, so I should here from him in a few days.  She did leave me with a good thought, though.  She said that, under the circumstances, I am in good shape and the for the oncologist to even consider a “wait and see” course of action says that my body’s condition is not a bad one.  If it were, I’d be having the chemo already.

So here I am mentally preparing for chemo again.  I’m not nervous like I was before the first round.  I know what to expect now and that is a good thing.  What is different is that now I will not be getting treatment in a nice comfy private office practice.  I will be getting my treatment in a hospital setting and I am feeling uneasy about it.  I mean, it’s a HOSPITAL.  They say that’s the worst place to be if you don’t want to get sick and my immune system will be severely compromised and yet, this is where I have to go.  It IS a cancer center in the hospital so should be okay; but I am thinking I want to go and check this place out beforehand just to put myself at ease.

Here I am with my hair growing back, but now will be falling out again.  This is okay.  Again, only temporary.  I have a ton of yarn and I have friends that have tons of yarn!  All the more reason to get to my spinning so I can make a hat of 100% alpaca!  Oh Linda!  I am so sorry I’ve not finished my spinning for YOU, but yet another good reason to start spinning again because yours will be done before mine.

So this is me, right here, right now.