I just love purples and pinks…… Just a quick note for now, I just want everyone to know that I am doing okay, but many changes going on right now in every area of our lives that has me spread pretty thin at the moment.  I know that I usually come here and give updates with what was going on with my cancer, but this update I need to make was delayed because I needed time to process.

I don’t want anyone to worry,  I am fine and better than fine.  My last treatment was back in November, a week or so before Thanksgiving.  After that, I expected to go right back into chemo treatments, as that was the plan, but the plan got changed….. NO chemo!  Great news, but it pretty much took till the end of February to learn about that.

First, the oncologist wanted to wait until the end of December to have a CT scan done because radiation takes a while to have an effect on the tumors.  Beginning of January, got the results back and my doctor was very happy with the results, but encouraged me to pursue the hysterectomy with the surgeon….. so waited for that appointment.

Surgeon finally explained to me (to my satisfaction) exactly why she did not want to pursue that.  I decided not to pursue it from that conversation.  I’ve spoken before about the extent of damage radiation does to the tissue inside and seems that it’s too damaged with burns and scars and literally the structure and consistency of the tissue is not favorable.  With that said, mainly the circulation in the pelvic area is compromised and healing after surgery will be impeded by that.  The double whammy is my diabetes.  Diabetes also affects the healing processes in the body.  Slower healing, maybe MUCH slower healing.  She spoke about possible complications that quite frankly, I’m not sure I want to risk.

So to make a long story short, I am currently being closely monitored on a monthly basis by my oncologist and on a 3 month basis by my surgeon and radiologist.  Cancer does things to you.  My perception of it and it’s place in my life has altered.  This, in particular, I am still processing and will have to wait to be spoken about here.  This phrase has been used, “No evidence of disease.”

I have absolutely wonderful friends and family who are, and have been, unbelievably loving and supportive cumulatively in every way.  I love you all~!