Slightly…. screw‘D

Well, I haven’t done the DP:  in a long time and thought to give it a try with a bit of extra time on my hands.  Just something to keep the fingers busy, and the only words I can think of, not thoughts or ideas, are words that rhyme.  The idea that I can’t shake right now is that somehow I’ve been slighted by life and I really don’t want to expand down that road.  I think of myself and realize that I am certainly not a slight of build person.  I think of “sleight of hand” and again, life seems to be playing tricks on me.  Oh I guess this means I am slightly off kilter today, I keep popping into different walnut shells.  I am here now, then, Poof!  I am slightly to the right or left.  Yeah, that’s it; and yes, I do feel that way today.

We are looking for an apartment right now and I feel so disconnected without a place to call my own.  I am staying with my sister and she has been wonderful to me and my son but after seeing an apartment today, feeling really good about it and I could really see us living there, imagining what to put in this closet or that one, where to place furniture, etc.  I am reminded of where I am right now, not expecting to still be camping out at my sister’s.  It’s not a bad one, but it’s hard to establish a good routine or habit like, you know, just automatically knowing where certain things would be kept.  I have been losing personal items and my son’s, but there is really no place where they could be– under the bed??

Nope.  So WHERE?      and that’s how it goes.

I. feel. slighted.  But that’s okay because I know that I can feel this way and then let it roll off my shoulder.  That’s MY sleight of hand…. lol.  This is temporary and I know that.