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New Yarn/Crafting Blog

clover Hi everyone. HAPPY Belated ST. PATRICK’S DAY!……I just wanted to put it out there that I’ve started a new blog dedicated to crafts; but mostly for my knitting/crochet stuff. It’s called ~DragonKnits~. It’s not my original name, but I decided to add stuff about my other love, chocolate and hot chocolate.

I am still playing around with the theme and header, so there is nothing really there yet by way of content, but I do have a modified version of this blog’s Bio page and a bit more about myself to start my posts off.

I think I must have been delirious to start another blog, but I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile now. My knitting stuff here is sprinkled all through this blog and forces people who are interested in that to search through everything to find what they are looking for. Also, I find that I am collecting a lot of information for crafts; so now I’d like to keep it all in one, easily accessible place.

This is an addition, not a substitution, so I’ll continue to write here, as a matter of fact, this blog will probably still get more posts after everything settles down.

Tomorrow is the day that I am making our traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We turn Irish this weekend! Big Drake worked today and will tomorrow (Sunday) as well; but tonight was busy for him so, tomorrow it will be unrushed. The cake I made for our Why Catholic meeting, which was canceled due to weather, was given to the priests as our parish rectory. I just could not have homemade cake and chocolates (green) in the house as I’d be the one eating most of it… so out it went.

UPDATE ON KITTENS: They are still alive and the mother is still with them as I was afraid that I might have scared her away when I took pictures today of her babies.

Whenever I need to look for Little Drake’s sippy cup, I feel as if I am transported into a Where’s Waldo picture. They have nothing on this kid who quite purposefully composes each room into a framed WW picture, riddled with toys, our stuff, and bits and pieces of paper, plastic and, well, whatever. At least Waldo has that red/white striped hat that helps ya find him. The sippy cup is green and blends in too well with plastic toys strewn all over. I just had to leave the scene as is so that BD could see that LD was not sick at all today… or if he was, he was in rare form.

UPDATE:  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve disabled the Comments section of this post because lately I’ve been getting WAY too many spam comments.  Nobody legitimate has commented in a while, so I figure it’s safe.  If you are the rare bird that desires to comment, please do so on another post or email me privately.~ June 12, 2007

Mission Accomplished & Diabetes Creeping In

My fantasy yarn project is completed! Very cool…. I must say, that there were NO fireworks, though….. just the fact that I finished it merits a pat on the back… the fact that my scarf/wrap will remain with me, merits a Yahoo! Remember when I started it, way back in December? I started it somewhere between this post, and this post.

Drop Stitch part In this pic, you can see that I am almost finished dropping all the stitches to create what is known in looming circles as the Matrix Stitch. You can see just how much wider the whole piece becomes after you drop the stitches. On the left, you can see the original width. This ends up being a really heavy piece of fabric. Oh, when you drop the stitches like this, blocking is not necessary…. very cool.

I was debating on what to do with the fringes. To fringe or not to fringe. I decided to fringe because I love fringes. Here is a pic:

Scarf/Wrap with Fringe I did not want an overabundance of fringes, so I put them only on the knit stitch matrix part. I decided to put one on each end of the “matrix”. I could not put only one on each one as the distance between them would’ve been too great. I still need to really size them up to make sure that all are as close to the same length as possible. Still, I am planning on wearing it to church tomorrow morning as I might be reading and want to look a little bit more dressed up than usual. Wow, you really cannot see the length here, but it measures a little longer than 70″, excluding fringe. Since it’s heavy, I am sure that gravity makes it stretch longer than that. I go overboard all the time because my mentality is, and always has been, more is better. Well, at least it’s mine and nobody needs to know that I just “winged it”. I still intend on taking another pic of it outside in full sun so you can get a nice idea of how it really sparkles and shimmers in daylight.

I should mention that nowhere online did I find instructions on how to do this. As a matter of fact, I do not think that you are supposed to do it after the fact of knitting it; but that is just me, doing something because nobody said that I can’t or shouldn’t. It worked out pretty well, so nothing lost and something gained.  **~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**

Okay, I really didn’t want to make another post, but I want everyone to know that I am doing okay and getting used to the idea of being diabetic. I have not actually “done” anything yet, just reading what I can and getting ready mentally to take action. Don’t worry, I am not procrastinating because I really need to get every thing rolling by the end of next week. That is when my Dr wants me to call in two days of sugar readings. Also, I need to have a sonogram done by then to make sure that I am not pregnant so that she can Rx me medication.

Believe me, I want to get started quick, but to be truthful, I feel like I have no clue what to do… even though my Dr said that I should just avoid sugar and carbs. I bookmarked a diabetes site: American Diabetes Ass. & more importantly, Diabetes DIET from the Mayo Clinic. Finally, something substantial about food. This second site looks really useful…. feel free to check it out.

Poncho Delivered & Log Cabin Blanket

Yep, finally I delivered the green poncho to Florie, the lucky recipient… or I should say that I am the lucky one because I was challenged and had to use my brain to improvise to her taste. To be challenged, promotes growth and that is always a good thing.

Here, I post Florie modeling her poncho… just in time for Christmas:

Florie in Green Poncho

This was done with two strands of yarn from Knitpicks. Can’t remember the name, but it’s a moss color and look and feel of mohair, soft, light and warm. The third strand is Red Heart worsted Frosty Green. These two colors could not have been matched better. The Frosty Green, a bit lighter, blends in great, creating a sort of 3D look. I used the yellow KK loom to make two flat panels, then sewed them together. Florie did not want fringes and it was just as well because it came out on the longish side. She wanted a square neck, so I crocheted the neck to fill in the “v”. Florie just “loves” it and that made me very happy. Now I am going to start something for myself.

Next, is a current pic of the Log Cabin Blanket. I just finished the pink strip. It’s coming out as a rectangle… duh! look at the middle piece.. it’s a rectangle, too! Right now I am at the point where the strips are so long that they cannot be finished in one sitting… I am getting bored with it, too, so this will be finished soon. I also want to get some more repeated colors in there, and more blended colored yarn. The pink strip, finished a complete row, so if I continue, I will have to do at least four more strips, then when it’s done, I want to make an edging which will just be either crocheted or for more thinner strips, all in the same color to create the edge.

Log Cabin Blanket

Knitted Project Update

Okay! I am posting two pics of projects just recently done; one completed and one “almost”. I am posting pics so that you guys can see what I’ve been working on that keeps me away from writing. I still have other projects in the pot, but maybe I’ll still take pics of the works in progress. Keep in mind that I hardly ever work from patterns and shy away from any sort of discipline…. as evidenced here:

Forgotten sweater/vest

As most of you knitters can see, to be kind, it’s well, flawed. This is the vest (sort of) that someone asked me to make for her grandson. I realize that I made so many mistakes in it, like not making a v-neck. If I didn’t put a collar on it, it would’ve stretched to fit any sized head that baby has. The body of it was done on a loom, while the white parts were done on needles. While the waist and arms look okay, the collar came out too tight for some reason. I think maybe I should have cast on two stitches instead of one into each stitch to allow for stretching. She wanted a pull over so I thought this would be okay, but then when she saw it, she said that it was too small. Oh man, I do not look forward to frogging this thing, but it looks as if that is just what I’ll have to do. I never saw the kid and she never brought one of his sweaters to the party we both were at this past Tuesday, so I am giving up the idea that I will ever get it done, let alone for Christmas.

This next one is the green poncho I’ve been prattling on about:

Green Poncho

This was made for my husband’s cousin. When I give it to her, I am going to post a pic of her wearing it, perhaps replace this one. This was done completely on a loom, with the v-neck line squared off by filling in the “V” with either double or triple crochet stitches. I forget which and the poncho is sitting in the car waiting to go to it’s new home. I wanted to do just that part with the lighter green, but cuz didn’t want that. Still looks good. We got the darker green from Knitpicks and the lighter green is from Red Heart. She did not want fringes, so I left it as is. It’s warm and very soft. You can hardly tell that even here I just went longer than normal, which is why the neck opening was so big, I think. Ah, I don’t think you can tell by this pic, but hopefully the next pic will be taken in better light.

Now I am off to knit more of the log cabin blanket. You know, I LONG to make something for myself. What is holding me back? Well, other than all these projects for other people, for whom which only “I” am to blame, I just can’t seem to decide on what exactly to make, though I really want a really long and wide scarf that can double as a wrap. I can do it on the loom, but I’ve not come to decide what kind of yarn to use. I am a “feeling” person who lets my feelings tell me to either go ahead or hesitate. So far, nothing really moves me enough to push my hand. This LC blanket was intended for me, but then I got the idea to give it to Gabriel’s godmother. I DID make wristlets for myself, but that was when it was still warm out… now that I need them, they are lost…. ugh!

Have a great rest-of-the-day!

I am The Lurker

Hello People!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am here, but not writing too much (thought I am getting great ideas) because in addition to writing the prayers down for Sunday mass, I am combining sessions for our weekly Why Catholic meeting. We got off to a late start with our group and fell behind as we waited for people to show up. I have been the facilitator and I was told to condense the sessions for two weeks.

Can I tell you that this is HARD? It’s not really hard to do, just hard for me to decided what to leave in and what to take out so that it will fit into our time allowance. Our meetings are done at the church and we only have a little over an hour to conduct it because the next meeting for the Spanish community takes place after the next mass.

Anyway, I shall be back in a few days…. Oh, I am also struggling to knit a few things before Christmas… I shall post them here when they are done. One is a baby’s vest and booties and I will throw in a nice little hat if I have enough yarn left over. I’ve never made a vest before… yeah, the woman just wanted a vest and not a sweater.. go figure. Anyway, it’s coming out nicer than I thought it would. I made it on the loom, in one piece and I am now needle knitting the bands around the bottom, arms and neck. I am stumped for the neckline since it just goes across and not a v-neck. I really want to make a collar that hangs down but don’t know what it’s called… you’ll see.

So as you can see, my son, my projects and my writing are all competing with one another… and I am the one getting the grief. I do get here during the day, but just enough to read a bit and put comments down on other blogs.


First Felt

My first felted booty slippers for my son.

Felted Booty

These were done on the KK (Knifty Knitter) Loom. I still have the ones I am knitting on the needles, but these were started and completed in one day! You could say that I couldn’t wait. I ran them through the washer one time; but want to see how they fit and if that would permit me to run them through again. Even though the stitches still show, they feel like solid fabric.

I am still working on my Log Cabin Blanket but will post a picture soon, maybe after the current strip is done. I intend to keep going until we see Gabriel’s godmother for Christmas to see how big it gets because it’s for her. Still working on the poncho, though, it’s almost done, just need to finish it off~maybe today.

Loom Socks

Loom Socks

Finished Sock

Yea my first socks, done! I was so excited about them that I am wearing them right now, even before I got the chance to finish them off. I pretty much got stuck on the heel for the little ones I am knitting to felt:

Booties for felting

I got stuck on these heels because I read ahead, now I will try again. I am glad that I made the first ones on the loom because I got to see how the heel is supposed to look as it’s being constructed. Did you know that there are at least five different ways to make the heel? I read that somewhere. I can’t tell you the name of the book I got these out of, but it’s that new, popular book from Cat… you know the one! I lost the book while cleaning for the holiday and now have to wait for it to pop up again.

Just for Fun

LB Lola

The Moss Stitch

This is a new knitting stitch I saw on the Lion Brand site today called the Moss Stitch.

The Moss Stitch

I am pretty sure that I can do this with the loom, as well as needles, so I am eager to give this a try. Seems very simple to do. Basically, it’s this:

Rows 1 (RS) *K2, p2; rep from * to end.
Rows 2 and 3 *P2, k2; rep from * to end.
Row 4 *K2, p2; rep from * to end.

Rep rows 1-4.
See, very simple.

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