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On the Bright Side…


Wow, another nail post.  I just wanted to document my latest attempt with the technique I used for my last mani design at, Dark Side of the Moon.  I should also state that I found it on Pinterest, but you can go directly to Beauty Tutorials, Ombre Stain Nails.  I should first state that the reason for my all-too-quick change up of colors is that I experienced major chipping yesterday and the first time, I did manage an excellent repair, the next day other nails chipped and they were BIG pieces of chipped off nail color.  So, this could be because of the Seche Vite, I’m not convinced that it was because of it alone.  If you remember, Seche Vite goes on very thick; BUT this was the first time it happened since I got the product, over a month ago.  It could be a combination of SV and layered nail color, or maybe that I combined lacquer and enamel together.

I had the idea to use a dark brown cream for the base, with orange and dark green colors dabbed into it.  I hated how it came out, except for me thumbs, which are longer than the rest of my nails.  With this post I will also update on the “how many coats can I put on before Seche Vite stops working” question.


So, I started off with a favorite base coat, then used Kleancolor Nail Lacquer, Dark Brown #52 (Above, second from left).  In the bottle, this looks dark brown, but on my nail, looked really dark, almost black.  I love how this goes on very smooth.  After my nail color was totally dry, I snipped another piece of my make up sponge and swiped on two colors, Kleancolor Nail Lacquer, Metallic Orange #160 (Above, left middle), and Wet n Wild Fastdry, SaGreena the Teenage Witch, #226C (Above, right middle)… then a third color, which I never do, but it blended nice with the green color and that was Wet n Wild Fastdry, Teal of Fortune. #228C (Above, second from right).  This last one was a glitter polish.  Okay, so on the whole I did not like this last finished product; though more because of my lack of skill and not the colors, themselves.  As you can see, I left my thumbs as is because I loved how they came out.

I was gonna leave it, I was gonna leave it……..


Two nails on the right show off the matt finish of the Sinful Colors, Leather Loose and the two nails on the left have the Seche Vite top coat.

But no. The itch to change it was too much.  I resolved to just cover this up with one color and leave it.  I used two coats of Wet n Wild Fastdry, Gray’s Anatomy, #237C, only on my last four digits.  I really love how this stuff looks in the bottle.  It’s a real almost sick green/gray with pink pearlized look.  I really really like it, but alas, it did not coordinate well with my thumbs.  I dared take another color, Sinful Colors, Leather Loose, #1331.  This worked out very well and what I really like about this polish is that it dries to a matt finish, which I love, yet I don’t feel right if I don’t add a top coat.. and when you do, all these reddish brown sparklies emerge and gives it a whole new finished, sparkly look which was complete with yet another coat of Seche Vite.  So let’s recap on just how much polish I have on my nails right now:


This is the finished look and you can see that I left the thumb’s design alone from the prior mani with brown, orange and green.

  1. Seche Clear as base coat
  2. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer, Dark Brown #52
  3. (not a whole coat) dabbed on colors on upper half of nails: Kleancolor Nail Lacquer, Metallic Orange #160, Wet n Wild Fastdry, SaGreena the Teenage Witch, #226C, Wet n Wild Fastdry, Teal of Fortune. #228C
  4. Seche Vite
  5. Wet n Wild Fastdry, Gray’s Anatomy, #237C on last four digits only.
  6. Sinful Colors, Leather Loose, #1331 on last four digits only.
  7. Seche Vite

So, that’s roughly seven coats of nail polish and Seche Vite STILL dried to a nice mirror smooth, hard shell in just a couple of minutes.  That’s pretty impressive and so now you can see why I freakishly love this stuff and will always find a way to get it.


In the foreground, we have the photo taken with a flash to show off the subtleties of these polishes. On left, Sinful Colors, Leather Loose, showing off the reddish brown sparkles, and the Wet n Wild, Gray’s Anatomy.

Coffee Conquered Sandy

Okay… A little off the current topic, which is reflecting upon Hurricane Sandy and how I can turn this crisis into a learning moment for my immature self.  I want to come back to how a coffee addict survived ten days without power and managed to drink her established amount of amazing coffee each morning  and throughout the day.

I’m currently using Keurig’s Single Serve Platinum brewer, but the best coffee comes from perked coffee from a gas stove.  Back in the old days, like Ed likes to say, coffee was not brewed, but made as a “decoction,” coffee grinds boiled at a low temperature, then strained out of the coffee.  I vividly remember my grandfather making his coffee in this way.  He just dumped the coffee into boiling water.  The cowboys made it this way, didn’t they?  Yeah, sure.  There was more coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup than I’d like to admit, but, if you didn’t move the cup too much, they stayed down.  Retro.  Anyway, I had a much more modern method.  I had my trusty Melitta coffee cone.  Simple, yet genius.  This is what it looks like:

And, this is how I was using it, with Melitta single serve #4 filters.  You can get white ones or the brown ones made out of recycled paper, which is what I use.  Just set it up like this and add just one coffee measure of grinds, which is like 2 tbs., more or less depending on your preference.  More for a stronger cup of coffee, also take into consideration the size cup you are using.  This one is a bit larger, so I use just a little bit more.  I always use more.. hee hee.  So, one coffee measure of coffee is good for a 6 oz. cup of delicious coffee.  Next step is to pour boiling water into the filter, then I stand there and stir the grinds.  As the water is going through the filter, I will continue to add more water, a little at a time.  I’m getting a craving just thinking about it and really wish it was morning, instead of 10:58pm.  Dunkin Dark made really, really good coffee for me.  I also really love good 100% Columbian coffee.  Maxwell House brand is the best choice for me right now, and the best price for my pocket.


See how the grinds expand and settle on the vertical sides of the cone?  This is why I keep stirring the grinds, so that each grind stays in play all the while the water is passing through so as to get the most out of my grinds.  Sorry I didn’t stop to take a picture of the actual coffee.  I just couldn’t wait to drink it~!  Also, during the power outage we were prepared, we used powdered Coffeemate, plain.  So good… and this was a pointed terrible storm preparation that I made sure was secured before the storm.  We were sitting pretty, baby~!  We had our coffee.



So, we’d sit there in the dark, sipping our piping hot coffee.

Unfortunately, we did not have cookies…. sigh.

I am The Lorax

I am the little man

I am the little man

I am the Lorax… coo coo cachoo… coo coo cachoo…

Yes, I’m getting a little silly.  Beatles.  Dr. Seuss.  It’s all good.   “Mommie, mommie!  There’s the Lorax!”  That was my world….  Yesterday was Little Drake’s seventh birthday.   Hubby gave us leave to go and see the big 3D version of it, and I had AMC vouchers courtesy of the NJ Blood Center and compensation for donating whole blood.  We got the the theater in plenty of time, but quickly heard rumors that the show was sold out… ewww!  We stayed on line and, sure enough, it was.  I did purchase tickets for the, what, 2D version?  With voucher, cost us two or three dollars… Holy Moly~!

Then it started.  The pouting, the whining, the almost-meltdown.  Ya gotta understand that with my little boy, it’s all or nothing.  He’s either elated, on happy juice or melting down if things don’t go exactly the way he expects.  To be honest, we don’t go to the movies very often and it never occurred to me that the movie might sell out before we got there.  If it did, I would’ve worked out plan B and made sure it was accepted.  So, all Little D wanted to do was go home and sulk.  I could not let that happen when I knew that he really, REALLY wanted to see this movie, and I already had the tickets.  He wasn’t having any of it.  Quick thinking on my part, got him to Target across the parking lot.  I had a Target gift card in my pocket and it was my intention to kill some time there, but also get him a little something, being it “was” his special day.  His eyes lit up and he started talking about Ninja-something that was Legos.  Since I spent so little on the tickets I thought I could get a nice little gift, but when I sought to eye-ball the gift card, sadly, I realized it was not in my pocket at all.  Not in my purse, not anywhere.  Oh geez, I left it home.  I was hopeful, however, that I could get one of the smaller sets and could do $15.00.  Nothing.  Nada… Whatever they had was $25.00 and up.  We both were, again, pretty disappointed, but I did manage to secure a $4.99 “Booster” pack which he was pretty happy with.  Whew, got saved on that one.

Then we headed to the target eating place and Got him a hot chocolate and we shared one of those hot pretzels.  Oh man!  I wish I had my camera as I was treated to the first, or one of the first, manifestations of Little D’s blossoming sense of humor.  He was always a kid with a ready laugh, a ready, goofy laugh, a very precious laugh; but this was something different.  He broke off a curved piece of pretzel and blurted out, “Hello?  Hello?”.  Well, you had to be there.  We shared a big spontaneous burst of belly laugh!   The expression on his face was priceless as he realized that he made me laugh…. like that.  Where was my camera?  Sitting beside my laptop at home.  grrrrrrrrrrrr!

It’s just about time to head over to the theater when he announces that he wants to go home. grrrrrrr.  Nope, I’m not going to get frustrated.  I just say that we HAVE to go see the movie because we already have tickets, and don’t you want popcorn?  hee hee…. That’s something that LD was also talking about all week long, the popcorn.  So inside the theater, I steer him over to the bathroom while he’s trying to tell me all the while that we should be getting popcorn.  OK, we do our business and finally head over for the popcorn and a soda.  Gotta have soda with popcorn, though I’ve not been drinking soda at all lately… It’s just that I couldn’t see paying five bucks for a little bottle of waTER… Nope, couldn’t wrap my head around that at all.  It’s somewhere par for buying a bottle of AIR.  We head into the movie and even though we bought our tickets well ahead of time, the only seats available were down in front…. WAY down in front.  We had to lay back to see the towering screen, but you know, I really love that, despite the fact that my back is still recovering.

The Lorax was a total pleasure to sit through, once all the previews were done, that is.  The effects were so cool… and we weren’t even watching 3D~!  I recommend this movie for all ages.  At first I was a little put off because I heard it was a musical.  Somehow when the cast suddenly breaks out in song, well, that doesn’t really sit well with me… but it was cute and not a prolonged thing.  If you have the book, the movie is a must see precisely because there is so much more to the movie, yet doesn’t loose, not a thing, from the book.  The movie gives more of a story, but doesn’t distort the story from the book… it’s like the story behind the story and all fits together seamlessly.  To be honest, I felt that the Lorax was a little too soft of a character for Danny DeVito’s voice…. but it was still nice.

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied and elated, even, about this weekend.  I managed to do a lot for Little D’s birthday without breaking the bank.  So glad I saved those movie vouchers.  So glad we spent part of our day at All About Ewe yesterday.  We saw live alpacas, I got the chance to knit, and he got the chance to play with a couple of boys around his age and that meant the world to him, and to me, too.  Some of the best things in life are free and I’m on a mission.  I’m also going to have the chance to process and spin alpaca fleece into yarn as a donation to Faerie Tale Fiber Farm ~ Faerie Tale Alpacas.  This is a “No Kill” sanctuary in Ottsville, PA and they rescue alpacas and give them a place to live and lots of love.  They are also in need of donations to help keep their mission alive, so please go check out their facebook page.  Plenty of photos of the critters that live there….

Here’s one I took on Saturday:


Wow… tried out this reblogging feature for the first time and didn’t get the whole post in this blog post… so what to do?   Also, tried to reblog a second time to my other blog and it’s not working at all.

I guess first order of business is to go and read up on this feature to see exactly what it’s supposed to do and what it’s for because the first few lines won’t do.

Colors of the Dragon

Not Eww.  Ewe.  Get it?  I just love it~!  I don’t know what else to say.  All About Ewe is a yarn, no, FiBER shop that just opened up in Clark, NJ.  I just love, love, LOVE this store.  Yeah, I’m biased, but that’s only because I happen to know the owner.  Still, I’ve heard other people say that they feel very comfortable when they are there.  People whom I don’t know and also people I know that don’t know Lisa.  

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the yarn… duh!  No, but really, you do.  Second is that it’s bright and cheerful, decorated with, well, sheep.  If you did happen to not notice the yarn, the sheep speckled throughout the store will definitely give you the hint:  WooL.  Another bright store that I’m thinking about is very large and spacious and after you find…

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My Review of Bootcut Jegging by denim 24/7®

Originally submitted at Roamans

The perfect cross between jeans and leggings! Classic fit with zip front, belt loops. Inseam abt. 30″.

  • Cotton/spandex.
  • Machine wash.
  • Imported.
  • Sizes: 12W-32W.

No-Frills Review

By Dragonmommie from Elizabeth, NJ on 8/31/2010
3out of 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Inseam: Feels true to length

Pros: Flattering, Great Color, Comfortable, Great Fit, Attractive Design

Cons: Not sure wear over time

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Going Out, Travel

Describe Yourself: Casual, Bargain Shopper, Sexy, Eclectic

These fit really well for the size I chose, but since the material is stretch jeans, not sure if it will stretch out over time. The fit seems true, but just a little loose… but wear over time will tell. My over all thought is that I should have bought a smaller size down, but that’s my preference.

The above is the official review.  Now to express my particular joy at finding a good deal I simply MUST say these were on clearance~!  Ahhhh, I love shopping at the end of the season…  One downside is that I ordered average length and I’m definitely a petite.  It’s my habit to order length too long, but these are really long and I’ll have to hem them before wearing… definitely.

Hippies Creations

Angel backgroundThis was my tree last year.

I name this post for the subject of my post. Her name is Petra and has a son, Lennon, who is loveable, kind, gentle, loving, and just the best son ever…. except when his ammonia levels skyrocket. When this happens, he becomes very aggressive, disoriented, incoherent and has been described as appearing to be a bit crazy. In other words, he becomes a totally different child. Normal ammonia levels are 50-60. I do believe I read that Lennon’s had gotten as high as in the 300’s. Lennon is of preschool age. He has already had two liver transplants. Lennon has Urea Cycle Disorder.  Please check out the link for this genetic disease.  Can you imagine this happening to your child? I am sitting here doing just that. I cannot imagine myself living through, and witnessing what my friend has witnessed happening to her son. All I can think of is that I have a hard time when my preschooler gets a cut, let alone going through life saving surgery and the gory details that go along with it… just to NOT get graphic about it. Just to think of their little perfect bodies enduring what seems impossible… becomes a reality. It’s a hard reality for mothers to come to grips with; and at the same time, no one should have to experience.

I’m not writing Petra’s whole story here, but if you’re interested, you can find it here. The reason for my writing is that I want to get her story out. She is not asking for donations; but as it happens, she does have an Etsy shop, HERE. She does wonderful work with beads and pyrography, or, wood burning.

I don’t make it a practice to advertise for other people, but I was moved to, today. I figure, “Hey, it’s the Holiday season and maybe someone is out there shopping around for gifts.” A part of me felt powerless until I thought of writing about her. After being paired with Petra in a beading swap, we corresponded ourselves into a friendship that has survived a few long spells of not corresponding. She made me a beautiful bracelet that rests so pretty on my wrist. It doesn’t happen often, that I will just love something that wasn’t made by me. She seems to know what I like.


Christmas Decorating~Day One

Angel background

This was last year———————->

Full circle 2008: Okay, let’s give a little background info. Last Christmas, I thought it would be so cool to watch my favorite Christmas shows with Little Drake. Image

My all time fav is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My hopes of bonding with LD were dashed by the Abominable Bumble Snow Monster. He got so scared that he started crying… I mean, running out of the room crying. Oh man… then I thought that maybe if I kept playing it, that he would get used to that part when he realized that at the end, the Bumble lost his teeth and was transformed into a “good” Bumble, who excelled at putting stars on trees. I gave up when we were in Target one day and I spied an outside figure of Rudolph. I made a B-line towards it and drew LD’s attention to it. I was startled when he started crying. I looked, and sitting right next to it, was another figure of… you got it… the Bumble.The Bumble Snow Monster

Fast forward to July 2008. From out of the blue, LD asked to watch Rudolph. Wow. So, he apparently got over his fear of the Bumble. Then he really got into Elmo Saves Christmas, which manifested with a request to put up Christmas decorations… in July? Nope. I informed him that we had just a few more holidays to go before Christmas. He proceeded to make a plan to go down into the basement, get the boxes that had the stockings in them. Needless to say, it was a bit tricky getting his mind off of those decorations. I did what any good mom would do. I sat him in front of Elmo Saves Christmas almost every day. Thank goodness for September. That was when LD started preschool! Image

Labor Day….. Halloween…. Thanksgiving…… Jackpot! All week, I primed Little D., telling him that the day after Thanksgiving, and visiting Aunt Lisa’s house, that we’d go down to the basement and get the Christmas decorations. Okay, so The Drake usually gets them from the bowels of our house and I usually take over from there as he usually doesn’t even notice what is going on around him until I ask him to look around. Left unsaid is the part that he really is not into the specialness of decorating or anything. I think he is trying this year because he actually put the tree together this morning. As it turns out, I had burned my hand the other day and yesterday while I was changing the sheets on my bed, I scraped the skin off the blister… WAY too soon as it was still skin and vital to protecting the burned area. I put some cream on it and bandaged it up and basically went around the house with my hand up for the rest of the day. No way I was going to be able to assemble an artificial tree with long spiky things sticking out of it…. soooo the Drake stepped up to the plate this morning. I let LD hand the jingle bell wreath on the front door to our apartment, and he was really happy with that. So now, after babysitting, we’ll have a nice time decorating… hopefully this burn will harden up soon as I am definitely the one who strings the lights on the tree before decorations… yeah, this year LD will be helping with those, too.

With Christmas coming up, I am constantly worrying about money, or the lack of it around here. I am definitely the selfish one, not wanting to go back to work; but I’ll save the details of that issue for another entry. Still, I’m confident that we can make a nice Christmas morning for Little Drake. Won’t be a ton of stuff from Santa, but I’m grateful that he won’t grow up with a lot of possessions. Partly because he will never know what it’s like to have them in the first place and mostly because maybe this will instill in him gratitude for what he “does” have. And really, does he doesn’t need a ton of “stuff”. Ha… which makes me think of my own obsession with electronic gadgets, especially the VX6800 smart phone…. something I’ll probably never get as even with all possible discounts will probably run me around $300…. not the norm for me. Usually, I am getting my phones for free with Verizon’s “New Every Two”. Then I am wondering at how all these people around here are getting top of the line phones when they can’t put food on their tables without food stamps… ha… another post.

ImageThis is “my” One Ring, the elusive VX6800. Yes, what the Ancient One Ring was to Frodo Baggins, this little baby is to me… sigh… my dream of materialistic dreams. It seems to have everything! It’s actually more expensive than the next model, the VX6900… which is the white one. Image I had my chance a couple of years ago to get a smart phone. Big Drake was ready to spring for the iphone… yes, the iPHONE! He was the one to offer it to me, but I turned it down. Mentally, I could not justify the expense. I was a relatively new mom, just living for naptimes. Almost as soon as I turned it down and got another phone, my schedule started to get busier and busier… and now I really, really need a good scheduler. I’ve been forgetting about appointments and I just can’t stomach the calendar feature on my phone… which is on all the Verizon phones. Then the LG Dare came out and oh boy what a phone, but that’s the problem and the biggest question in my mind. WHY did they make it just a phone? It’s got the same junkie tools as a regular phone (because that is just what it is), yet it has a touch screen and the most unique feature yet. Panoramic pictures! Oh, so cool! Alas, I’ll never pay for it because it’s really just another junkie Verizon phone. If the actual telephone part of Verizon’s services was of lesser quality, I’d be outta here like nobody’s business. But a cell phone is a telephone first, so I stay. Still, the allure of the VX6800 gives me a headache. So, just in case, I ordered Day Timer scheduler pages… my back up!

My phone is eligible for upgrade in January, so the question remains. If I can’t get my VX6800, maybe the ipod Touch can satisfy my scheduling and big screen needs. I don’t know… I’m wracking my brain in a futile effort because I can never afford any of what I’m discussing right now. The best I can do is figure out which FREE phone would be best for me when January gets here. The problem with that is I really just need to wait for January because Verizon doesn’t display what the discount will be until January actually gets here… Still, I plot and plan… it’s in the blood.

Okay, back to the title of this post:  Christmas Decorating.  Well, I had to babysit today, so it had to be postponed till the evening.  Just about put the lights on, then LD had to hit the hay…. poor kid.  For two days he had to be put off… I hated that, but he’s pretty good.  He enjoyed seeing the lights go on.  Sooo, tomorrow is the day for his part with ornaments and his favorite part, the BEADS… he really loves beads.  When we go to the craft store, all he needs is beads and he’s good to go.

Think I’m Just Another Nut Case?

Just a short note….

Well, it appears that I’m not such a crazy kook.  Justin, of The Justification of Justin, commented on yesterday’s post.  He provided a link for a Yahoo Tech news article called, “Microchips everywhere:  A future vision”.  It’s about the very real possibility of electronic chips, called “tags”, being embedded in just about everything.  Tags.  A nice internet savy name, or tag if you will, for something that will track and report on your every movement.

The technology is here.

It’s only a matter of time….

years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds?  Some things are already tagged and we are oblivious. Who owns an ezpass?  Ever get a ticket because you were tagged with it as you went through a toll too quickly?  Do you have a cell phone?  GPS device?  Laptop?  Desktop?  Do you wear underwear?

Yes, it could happen.  The cost of manufacturing these tags is plunging down to the point where it’s feasible to tag trillions of objects, just about everything we buy. This is something very scary.  I am afraid for myself and for my 2 year old kid who will be living in a world without privacy.

This just makes me very sick

Immaterially Speaking of the Material

Wow, I had to add a category for this post, “Friendship”. Funny, I have not written about friendship. Maybe that is because I don’t really have many friends around here. Mostly acquaintances, people from church, etc.; but nobody that I can just hang out with, well, except my sister but she is also very busy and can’t just pick up and hang out at a moment’s (or two) notice. This post is really about something that I was making for Grace, of The 13 Graces… and it’s STILL not done yet. Ha… maybe that is why I have no friends! Sigh. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I was all secretive about what it was going to be. Trellis Triangle ShawlThis is the Trellis Triangle Shawl on the Lion Brand site. After I did finish, something was obviously very, very wrong with it. I think I figured out what it was and will correct it, but I realize that I did read the pattern correctly and maybe there is a mistake in the pattern. I checked the site under “corrections” and did not find any for this pattern. I’ll write them about it so they can make a correction to the pattern, OR tell me what I did wrong. It could be that I knitted this thing “too” loosely, but doing that was written in the instructions; it simply has no body to it. I had the Drake hold it up exactly as the model is in the picture and it was too thin in the back, maybe stretching out too far. In any case, I will frog it and redo it.Grace, I’m so sorry and embarrassed that you still do not have this shawl in your hands. This is SUCH and easy thing to do… while it’s easy, I did learn new things while doing it, so it was a great learning experience for me, knitting-wise and I am grateful that you inspired me to it. The main reason for writing this post is to tell you that and to tell you that I think I understand when you say that not having it does not matter to you; but that it is the thought that counts… agh, to put that in my own words. Of course I know that the thought counts, but sometimes intention is simply not enough to warrant such kind words. I guess that is what “Grace” really is. You receive it without deserving it.

It’s coming time again for me to pick out another cell phone as every two years I am eligible for it through VerizonWireless. I still really love LG’s Cherry Chocolate…. and it’s FREE…. whoopie! Until, the Drake started talking about the iPhone… yes, the IPHONE! Here is another clear view . Sigh… I simply cannot justify that expense in my head, though I would LOVE owning the iPhone, potential bugs and all! I don’t even have a job, let alone one that I would need that for. Then he started talking about the Blackberry Curve 8830 that is coming out in a couple of days.

I did some research and found out that with my plan, it could cost us as low as $100.00 to purchase the Blackberry Curve, but will require an added subscription of around $44./month. “He wants his wife to be on the cutting edge”; that and he wants me to be happy with my next phone and he knows what a big electronics groupie I am. I should just give in to him, right? LOL… Today I told him that what it comes down to is that I would not want to get a sophisticated phone like that and be limited with what I can do with it. That would, in turn, entail that we spend extra money each month, instead of just one time. Oh, I am SO getting off the track here, but I’ll try to fix it later.

In the interest of delaying the phone story a bit, I will cut in here to keep a hold of my train of thought. Drake is totally prepared to spend as much $$$$ for some sort of smart phone for his stay at home wife… who, btw, hardly gets any calls from anybody! The only thing holding him back, ironically, is me. To bring me back to what Grace had said, I just totally love that he wants to do this for me. I really appreciate it, just as though he had already done it, even if it comes down to me talking him out of it. The whole effect is that in my mind, I live with a deed already done, though not done. Is this the same, Grace? Get it? If not, ask questions and I’ll try to further clarify it.

Okay, back to new phone details. We are still debating what to do, but if we do this, it will not just be for my own convenience. Drake wants to take us to the “next step”. It might just pay to look into wireless broadband access. This way a smart phone can get unlimited internet access, just like a computer, our computer at home gets wireless access and it’s a laptop so we’d be able to take it anywhere and have web access, and we’d be able to get rid of our land line and DSL for good, which would help offset the cost of doing all this. Of course, Drake will finally have to break down and get a cell phone for himself, which would mean another line added, which adds cost. How does this sound?

Did you know that accessing a browser through your average cell phone will not let you on to just any page on the net? The sites are “pre-determined” by Verizon. I would not have access to my own google account, let alone my blog. Access is severely limited to what VERIZON wants you to view. There are only two email services that you can access and aol is one and I forgot the other. When I heard that, my scales bristled, big time. This really rubs me the wrong way and I want to spit. If you get a blackberry or smart phone, it’s like a little pc and you have access anywhere. In all this, keep in mind that the Cherry Chocolate VX8500 is FREE! iPhone is definitely out of the question as I would want the more expensive one with 8GB and probably speakers. I wonder if it will dock into speakers that the iPod can dock into.

Finally getting back to Grace’s shawl. Grace, I do want to let you know that as (obviously) you are not in the dark about this any longer, I will post my progression, sometimes with pictures, if they show dramatic progress. Sorry, but I’m too much of a perfectionist to send you what I have, as is. Hope everything is going well for you and know that I am thinking of you.

Breaking The Colour Barrier

UPDATE: 4/01/07 April Fool’s! Pictures to the left.

I sit here listening to my kitchen sink gurgle, louder than my hubby snores! Okay, it’s now 11:33pm eastern time and I am done. Won’t take pictures now because I let my hair air dry and I’m not staying up for THAT because I’ve got to be up early as my neighbor needs me to baby sit for her.

Let me preface this post by saying that I can be a nit-picker. I am a born proofreader, have done it professionally; and I’ll tell you that I hold myself back, out of respect for my peers here, from correcting some of the comments. I don’t mean any offense because I know what it’s like trying to whiz through all the comments I want to make and end up with typos and other errors… I’m just too anal to let them go, myself… but I love the spontaneity that they reflect.

First thing I’ll say is who does a swatch test 48 hours before coloring? I mean, I would if I had a known history of skin allergies, but I don’t, so I just bulldoze right on in. Now L’Oreal’s Colour Rays color that I used was Copper Craze. Once I found the English directions, it was pretty straightforward. They give you pretty decent rubber gloves for this product, but I can’t say the same for others. What is the deal with that? Why not give the same quality glove for each product? Annoys me. Okay, so you dump the creme developer into a plastic tub that is marked as to which side you should mix in. The color, itself is in a tube and the hardest thing, EVER, was to get this stuff out. So thick it was solid… almost. I am wondering if it was so reduced in price because of a past expiration date, but never found that out because I could not FIND it on the box.

So got all the color out and mixed with a spatula they give you and went at this thing for literally a few minutes to make sure that it was mixed “thoroughly”. Beforehand, I had carefully separated my hair and held the rest back with a band so that I could be as efficient as “I” can be in applying this paste onto my hair. They give you a wand/brush thing to apply it with, stating that you must take a large amount of paste and “roll” it on top of the strand of hair from root to ends, without leaving a lot at the roots (don’t know why). After the first try of this, I got really annoyed and just used my fingers to apply it, squishing it in, because I already had the designated hair sectioned out and just needed to get the stuff on.

After I did the front, from top of my head to just behind my ears, I did some underneath on the nap of my neck… one on each side. Just pulled out a piece and slapped it on. I still had more paste left, and being that I can’t see just throwing it away, I did three more very thin strands on the top, one on each side and one in the back. Then I put more of the paste on my four fingers and just finger-combed my hair on the sides and back… not very good coverage, but I didn’t want a stark color change there…… oh well, my adventurous self took the wheel on this one.

After my 30 minutes of “developing”, I got myself into the shower and rinsed my hair out; however, before I got in, I read Step 5, which said, “Keeping your gloves on, thoroughly rinse off mixture until water runs clear.” Needless to say, I did not keep my gloves on during my 30 minutes of waiting, and after you get those things off, I’d like to challenge anyone to try and get used, sweaty, plastic, ripped gloves back on a second time. Oh well. My next beef is that you are supposed to apply “after color” shampoo and “after color” rinse that comes in tiny 2 x 3 inch envelopes that are impossible to open in the shower without using your teeth. To be fair, the tiny amount allotted me did cover my head with lather to dye for… felt so luxurious on my head. But that is just foam, is it really working on all the colored area? The one thing that I liked about this product is that every item containing “stuff” was labeled, “1-2-3-4”. I’ll also say that I never noticed excess color run out of my hair. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it brought my thoughts back to the missing expiration date.

I’d like to ask why they tell you that this product is not good for hair that is more than 20-25% gray. Sorry, I can’t find the exact verbiage on the instructions so it must be on the box… which is all goopy from stray stuff and in the garbage. Now, the gray part of my hair looks great, so why are they saying not to use it on hair that is moderately to predominantly gray?

All the while I was rinsing, I cannot see any change in color.. okay, so the light is kind of dim in there… must wait. Okay, so now I’m ready to come out, and I’m all set to look in the mirror that is right opposite the tub and whip the curtain back, swoosh! DANG the mirror is all fogged up! Jumped out of the tub, dried myself off, trying to act indifferent. I actually dried the mirror AND my eyeglasses, nice and clear so I could see what I had done to myself. Well, I did see the copper color really nice on my grays, themselves, but cannot make out anything more than that. I, too, must wait until tomorrow to see the total effect.

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