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Chicken Casserole

My next Posse
Recipe! Haven’t done much food posts lately, but couldn’t resist sharing this one found today on

Boy Meets Step Stool Revisited

Not feeling so well tonight, so thought it would be the perfect time to use this new “copy post” feature and dredge up a past post.  This one made me chuckle and maybe you’ll get a kick out of it, too…….. Just hope I’m not a bad mommie for watching this at least 8 times so far tonight.  It’s just the knowing what’s going to happen….

Just couldn’t resist posting this clip I got of Gabe today. He showed me today that he could sit on it, himself…. So I wanted to take a pic… then thought of doing a video. This is what happened:

The Toddler

Don’t have a toddler in your life?  You are missing out on a lot, if you don’t.  So far, this has been a real roller coaster ride, but my little man has begun coming into his own… well, as  this stage of his life will allow.  When Little Drake turned 2 years old, last March, he said that the object of the game will now be just keeping him from hurting himself and he has been proven correct again, and again.  He will turn 3 years old in just a month, now, and I think I’ll be attempting to do some comparisons between 2 and 3…. It’s been a ride!

This video is hysterical! But I’d advise to view it before letting your little ones because there are parts that they might like try out.

There should be a disclaimer: “Don’t try this at home.”

I love Sean Morey’s humor, though.  I’ll be posting more of his stuff soon.

Income Tax = Voluntary Compliance?

Someone emailed this video to me and I am totally floored. Well, maybe I should not be, but it’s scary to think that our government is committing tax fraud. I am just learning about this but it’s been going on since 1913.

edited 11:33am:  Because the video is so long, I am actually still watching it.  There is a lot more here than just about income taxes.  They are talking about the Federal Reserve Bank which is really a private corporation… not a federal agency.  This means that a private company is controlling America’s gold… and effectively, America, itself. 

This is a documentary, “America Freedom to Fascism”, was made by producer Aaron Russo. I have copied the description from the video:

Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo (“The Rose,” “Trading Places”) set out on a journey to find the evidence. This film which is neither left, nor right-wing is a startling examination of government. It exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with U.S. Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents and tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card which becomes law in May 2008. This ID card will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which are essentially homing devices used to track people. This film shows in great detail and undeniable facts that America is moving headlong into a fascist police state. Wake up!


Dear Lovers of Liberty, the struggle is just beginning! Get ready…

Are you aware by May of 2008 the law will require you to carry a national identification card?

Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go?

Are you aware the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people, and the 16th Amendment does not give the government that power? «

Some of that sounds dramatic and alarmist, but it’s totally possible… the technology exists. I am hoping that someone more learned than I (which is almost everyone) will have seen this video already, or will watch it from here, or who might know about what is going on already. I am hoping for people to shed more light, educate me and whoever else who might be reading this. Please, PLEASE comment if you have anything to add.

Please put aside enough time to watch it. The run time is 1 hour 49 minutes, but I think worth the time.

Without further ado:

A Fat Rant.

I’m not really going to say anything on my own here because if I did, I would just get into my own personal baggage and I’ve done that already on this blog. But I will say that I really love this video and wanted to share it with any readers that are still coming here to see what is new.

Nothing really new, just busy with summer things… but I also just joined Ravelry, a knitting community and it’s so amazing. I’ve gotten into more crafts which is also keeping me busy. I’ve been trying my hand at beading and macramé jewelry, pics to come soon. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy Joy’s video:

A Fat Rant.

Continental Knitting Demo

I’ve decided to post the demo videos I come across so that when I am ready for them, all I have to do is go to one place.  I don’t think that I can make one page for it because, at least for youtube, it becomes a new post.  The category “video” should be enough to find them.

I’ve always wanted to learn the continental way of knitting.  It’s WAY more efficient to knit this way and a LOT faster.  Check it out for yourself.  This video is great because it shows different stitches, knit, purl, yarn overs… maybe more, I forgot because this video did not hit my blog until after I left the house today.  I still need to go for the sonogram today, but that is later this afternoon.  I probably won’t blog it until tomorrow or late tonight.

Continental knitting demo

tedtalks~Jeff Han

I just had to post this link from Tedtalks. I hope that I’m alive to see this filter down to the general public. Just found out that this is OLD information, February of 2006, to be exact. Still, I am so excited about the possibilities of this technology. No, don’t expect anything lengthy from me today about this because I don’t know the language. All I can say is that I envy the next generation. I long to see the next step that we all evolve to… though, I pray that this world makes it to that point. Let me know what you think of the video.

Tedtalks- Jeff han

Cats~ Meooow!

Stray cats – Stray cats strut

I loved Naturalhigh’s post, “The Magic of the Wild Things” and it just reminded me of this song from the 80’s. Cats are elegant, magnificant, strange, aloof, curious, and I could go on and on. This song is the very essence of a confident, strutting cat whether stray or domesticated.

Growing up, I had dogs one after another. I never liked cats and didn’t know why… then; but now I do know why I didn’t like them. I felt rejected by them. I wanted to love them and they didn’t want to love me; BUT I wanted to love them on MY terms. If there is one thing I learned about animals, cats in particular, is that they must come to you, and on THEIR terms, not yours. Yeah, that was a tough lesson, but once I learned that, I loved cats and I loved life a little more. I never thought that cats had personality, until I got a kitten, Simba. This is him when I first got him. I worked for an ambulance company and there was a litter in the garage. It was really too soon as the mother still had to stimulate the kittens’ genitals for them to “go”. I gave Simba back to the mother until he was older. You can see the little bottle in the background.:

Baby Simba

Ha… as you can see that was July of 2001. I was his mommie and he was my baby. He still is my baby, but he is an outdoor cat now, along with Smokey, my brother/dad’s cat whom they didn’t want any longer and I got hoodwinked into taking him in, but I didn’t regret it. Simba grew up with Smokey and he was always very patient with the little guy, letting him eat first-always. I learned that as an adult, they had serious territorial issues in my house and to make a long story short, I had to put both of them outside. Both of them have their claws, so I am not worried. They’ve been out there since Gabriel was born, and they are doing just fine.

Getting back… Cats can be so loving in their own way. They’ve taught me about life… that you cannot approach life and impose your will on it. Look away, do not expect anything, and it will come knocking on your door…. always! I love the aura of the cat. Every Halloween I’d always make myself up in some feline costume- tail, ears and all. They are just so cool. So all put together, strutting around so confident, without a care in the world…. having fun! Oddly, I really liked the movie, The Cat People. What I really like are the Big Cats, black panthers, leopards, etc. Sleek, sexy in a way, or maybe the human feline version feels so sexy whenever I don that persona.

Hey! They keep the mice at bay, even being outside. We’ve not had a significant mouse problem, though I was very worried about it when we had to put them out.

Real Men Knit

I just could not resist posting this one!  Sorry, I could not place the actual video here because YouTube will not let me create an account with them… Hence forth they will be known as THE BOOB TUBE!!


Boy Meets Step Stool

Just couldn’t resist posting this clip I got of Gabe today. He showed me today that he could sit on it, himself…. So I wanted to take a pic… then thought of doing a video. This is what happened:

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