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Pending Changes…

Just a heads up to another pending change.  I hate having to go through this again and I really like this magazine style theme and really love the pale lavender color, but my pictures are not showing up on the little summaries and I don’t like that.  Also, there are other features that don’t seem to be included in this Suburbia theme, like the “follow me on….” feature that invites people to follow you on other media forums.

So, don’t know yet what I’m changing to because I’ve got to go through all the choices again to see which will be a good fit.  I did like the Choco theme but not liking the brownness of it and they don’t give a lot of color choices for that one… which is okay.

My New Theme

…. is magazine style.  If you noticed, I did have Choco Theme for a while, but I wanted my posts to show up in columns and as summaries.  My posts are lengthy and I wanted to give readers a little more to look at than one post.  We’ll see how this works… but…. HELP… I am already disappointed that not all photos are showing at the top of each post.  Not sure why this is happening.  I love the softer colors of my background, though.

Can anyone help me and give some advice on this picture problem?  Not sure why some are showing and some are not…. thanks in advance.   Of COURSE any comments and opinions are welcome.

Time for a Facelift…


I’ve been spending some time today on the wordpress site… I love it here… and have been checking out other blogs, particularly blog design.  I’ve changed themes over the years but not much by way of design.  I have absolutely no background in this area and consequently I fear the face of my blog is just a chaotic jumble.  My facebook widget does not work and the whole side of my blog, where facebook stuff should be, is a total black blank.  Ironically, this accurately represents me right now… no organization.  I’ve never really needed organization before and I liked it that way, damnit; but now I can see that I need it desperately inside this blog and out.  Not sure what I’m going to do, but I like the idea of several summaries of blog posts on the home page.  

Keep your eyes peeled for changes…..


Happy New Year~!

Happy New Year, everyone!   Yep, we’re still alive.  We survived the Mayan’s prediction of apocalypse on Dec. 21st.  I preferred to look at it as the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  Also, it is said in the bible that no man shall know the day, nor time of the end of time. So, I thought, we’re good at least through Dec. 21st.

We are all doing well, but heading for some big changes around here.  More of that as it happens.  Gabe is doing great in school and making progress every day.  Ed and I try as hard as we can to be loving parents, mindful though, of Gabe’s challenges; and guide him along the way.

It’s so easy for me to write when I get inflamed by some issue or another.  Quite another for me to just sit down and write.  I was never someone who could keep a journal, but I’d like to.  My problem?  Focus Fail.

Well, as you can see, I’ve begun changing a few things around here.  Housecleaning.  Changed the theme.  The last one I had got scooped away from me when I temporarily made a seasonal change.  My theme with the little red bic pen at the top was being discontinued and I was constantly being reminded that the “Reddle” theme was the closest active theme to what I had.  Nice, but no bic.  Was so sad to see my other one go, but it was an opportunity to go through WordPress’ updated library.  BRING BACK THE BIC~!  I like this one, but still miss the pen.  It was a reminder to me that I must write.  I liked looking at it.  I still might change this one to something else.  My goal is to get as much writing space as possible which was another reason I absolutely LOVED my last theme… WITH THE RED BIC.

I want to visually de-clutter my little space here and will be striving for a cleaner look and less befuddlement when I look at it.  For starters, I do like the media icons at the top of the page.  They are links to find me at each of those places.  I’m attracted to anything that catches me eye, and if you hover your cursor over them, they will move up to show themselves a little more.  Whoa, a little animation.

More is definitely not better.  As I look down the right hand side, I see repetitiveness and that I want to eliminate.  I see links that won’t work and maybe they have become redundant now with those icon links at the top… so, not sure what is important to keep.  Please, any and all suggestions and ideas are appreciated.  Please be so kind as to leave them in the comments section.

I also will strive to write more, but no guarantees for a flurry of posts… but will work to get the stuff important to my gut up and out on this page.  My newest interest is nail art and any type of DIY project that is, well, amazing.  You can find me at Pinterest now, please click the Pinterest link above and get a feel for what I’m about… I’m sure that one of the first thoughts you will have is that there is just too much stuff there.  Heck, at least it’s not really, physically in my closet at home…. that space has other occupants… oh boy. Extreme Hoarding, it’s not, but that show is my inspiration to  not let it get that bad.  My yarn closet verges on it, but that is all my yarn and you can pretty much push and shove tons of yarn in a small space… it’s adjustable.

Name Change……

Hey Everyone…

I want to take this time to announce I am changing the name of my blog from ~Dragon’s Yen~ to just plain old DragonMommie.   I’ve been thinking about it a lot and then, tonight… POP…. took the plunge.  I hope this is not too much of an inconvenience to anyone.



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