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Dark Side of the Moon…


Yep, haven’t been here in a while, then TWO posts within 24 hours.  You never know what’s going to happen over here.  I’m totally unpredictable even to myself.  Anyway, I just have to post about a new-to-me nail polish brand, an AMAZING new product I’m using, and my current mani.  Maybe I can name this “Purple Haze” or “Dark Side of the Moon?”  Opinions and any suggestions are most welcome.  Please leave me a comment because I’d really like to document this design with the colors I used here.

DSCN3443Now on to this new-to-me amazing product I’m using, Seche Vite.  It’s very popular out there, but a little hard for me to find in my area despite having quite a bit of beauty supply places around my area.  Seche Vite is a quick drying top coat that is a must have for those who love to layer on the polish for intricate designs.  I mean this stuff dries into a hard, smooth shell in a matter of literally minutes.  My nails have ridges, so the surface of two or three coats of nail polish still have that ridge imprint.  One coat of Seche Vite, albeit goes on pretty thick, eliminates the ridge look and creates a mirror smooth finish, and I freaking LOVE that~!  I’ve not pushed the envelop yet to see how many coats I can get on, but so far, I’ve put it on over three full coats of nail polish and it gets pretty hard in that time.  I can go to the bathroom (pretty big consideration) and not worry about wrecking my mani while in there.   Usually, I have to put on two, three or more coats of just top coat to get this same effect.  The smell of it reminds me of something else.  It harkens me back to the old days of hanging around my dad while he worked on house renovation stuff and repair work.  Varnish?  Shellac?  Not sure what, I’m definitely making my dad smell this bottle to solve the mystery.  BTW, this little bottle cost me $7.99 in the Northeast Coast area of the United States and I’m glad I did buy it.  You have to understand that I’m a $1.99 kinda girl, so this little bottle is THE most expensive polish I have in my storage box of nail polish.  The highest I ever went was for something like $2.98 or a little higher for high end stuff on clearance, so……

My girlfriend told me about Seche Vite MONTHS ago and I did purchase Seche Clear, which doesn’t do the same thing, but is also good and I use it for either a top or base coat. It’s taken me this long to finally get the right stuff but now it will be a staple in my collection.


Now I simply must talk about the pink and purple polishes in the above pic.  The brand is called “Ruby Kisses” and these bottles say “HD” on the label, which I am thinking it means showing dimension.  The pink one is “Pink Blinged Out” and is beautiful and does show dimension; but the purple one, which is called, “Bold and the Beautiful”, while IS beautiful, is VERY dark and almost looks black under normal lighting.  The pic above was snapped with a flash and this color was a total surprise to me; and in the sun, it’s more of a really dark Indigo.  The most amazing thing about these is the coverage.  You only need one coat for total, and I mean TOTAL coverage.  My thumbnails are much longer than my other ones so I did need more polish for those, but still only needed one coat.  What I also love is the unique tops.  See the holes in the covers?  These babies were hung onto racks.  I want to say racks but I’m almost sure that was not what they were.  You know, they were more like those long hooks that cosmetics are hung on to.  In thought it was cool.  Drumroll for the price………………  $1.98.


For for this mani, I used a base coat, then the “Bold and the Beautiful” as my base color.  After that was dry, I took a makeup sponge and swiped on Confetti in “Blue Bombshell” and the  “Pink Blinged Out” right next to each other and proceeded to just dab my fingernail at the top, pink color at the tip and blue underneath.  The very dark base color made it hard for the other colors to show through and so I needed to reapply a couple of times.  I never did get the opaqueness I desired, but I’m very happy with the results I got which were very subtle color changes in regular light, which were more apparent in sunlight.  Also, I made sure the tips were solidly colored.

I think the next nail post I’ll do will be on the blogs and You tube nail channels I follow, so keep an eye out for that.


September 30, 2013, edited to add:

So, I just decided to name this mani “Dark Side of the Moon” and will use this label on my notes.  Not for any reason, but that it just hit me.  Nobody really knows what’s on the dark side of the moon, and now I know.

Playing With Nails

Wow.  I can’t believe that the rush, rush post I put up the other day just to “try out” something on the sidebar when you first publish a post garnered more views than the post I had worked on for a few hours.  “Just Playing” is a beautiful poem and is well worth, no worth more than the views it got.

Today, I’m just going to post pictures of my latest nail design.  Nothing intricate (yet) but I want to keep it out there so that I can continue to build upon it.

These colors are:  1. Base color: Sinful Colors, Sugar Sugar #839.  A pearlized red with just a hint of sparkle inside.  Gives complete coverage in 1 coat which makes it a great base coat when you need your base to be pretty much dried before going on to layering.  2. Confetti, Dance Party Pink #017, 3. Sinful Colors, Tokyo Pearl #112,  4. NK, Mystical #021 which is the glitter overcoat on the ring fingers for accent.  All nails get a top coat of whatever clear polish I have on hand at the time.

I am really liking this design and what I can do with it.   I’d like to place accent a few different things (at different times) on the outside edge of the nail, on top of the white pearl stripe.  For Christmas I’d put three red rhinestones and paint green holly leaves, fanning outward.  Another option is to place a single large silver rhinestone in the same place, or a pink bow, or just about anything you’d like.

Not the best job because it was rushed, but I’m pleased with it.  I can really see that my nails grew crooked which was probably due to my constantly biting at my fingers.  I have screwed up nail beds and my nails are actually growing slanted on my second and fourth fingers.

UPDATE 1/21/12:  I just noticed that the thin stripe is tinted pinkish, while the true color is a white pearl.  I’m pretty sure that I got this effect because I put on the clear top coat a little sooner than I normally would because it was getting late.  I wasn’t going for this, but it compliments the design nicely without standing out.

I rushed last night to finish this design because I’ll be busy tonight and we were scheduled to visit my brother’s family.  It was to be our “Sedita Christmas”.  Well, as it turns out, today we are all sneezing our heads off and the weather is threatening to put a damper on our plans.  The right is something close to 2.5 hours long to get there and the weatherman says we’d be driving in snow all day long and when we come back.  The first real snow of the season and it has to be TOMORROW.  While I’m glad and look forward to it, we are missing my brother’s family.  Well, I can console myself thinking that it’s for the best and that our being under the weather didn’t have to be the primary reason for this cancellation AND hopefully next weekend will bring us together at last.  LOVE YOU~!

Little Things Make Me Happy….

…. No, really!

I’m going to get a bit shallow here.  No matter how much of a good, caring, giving, thoughtful, unselfish person we might fancy ourselves to be, there is always a part of us that is vain or snobbish about something in our lives.  For me, that would be face, hair, nails; which is pretty ironic since I hardly ever primp over my appearance and that pic of me to the right was pretty much a fluke.  It was snapped in an effort to capture a moment in my history, which was one of the very few times in my life that I had my hair willingly cut above the shoulders.  When I do put makeup on, I pay careful attention to it’s application.  I fancy myself the accomplished artist using the tools of the trade to enhance my familiar feminine features into a composition of beauty; and even as I do, realize that the beauty part of it has long since vanished into the magical mist of the times past.


So, today I’m going to ramble on and on about nails.  More because this is quite a big thing for me… having polishable nails, that is.

All my life, I’ve been a compulsive nail and skin-around-the-nail biter (thank goodness no pics).  My mom, and later myself, tried all sorts of products, but nothing worked and that pepper stuff was nothing to bite through once I got used to the taste.  So for fifty years, the notion of having nice (and forget about long) nails totally eluded my consciousness.  Oh, I was licensed at one time as a manicurist and trained in the art of applying different types of acrylic nails, but I could never, ever grow my own.  For about  three years I maintained the fake stuff, but gave it up because it’s really not healthy for the nail, itself.  All the “buffing” is really doing is filing away your own nail, actually making it weaker and weaker.  When you first apply acrylic nails, they can stay on for up to three weeks, but then with each successive re-gluing and maintenance, they stay on for shorter and shorter periods of time.  What’s really bad is that when the nail lifts up, a gap is formed where moisture gets in, and if left unattended to, green mold and fungus can grow in there and really mess up your nails.  Nah.  I can’t even bring myself to start a business around it now.  I can’t seem to get myself to promote something that can really mess up a person’s nails, no matter how much I need the money.  Seems silly because no matter what you tell people, they will still want to pay a LOT of money to do this to their nails.  Maybe some day I’ll get over my scruples and start something up.

So, I am almost halfway through my fiftieth year and quite unexpectedly my nails have decided to make their presence known.  Wow.  Despite my above lecture on the evils of acrylic nails, sometimes for an occasion, I’ll give myself a quick nail job.  The easiest and cheapest method is to just go and buy the kit that has whole nail pieces.  You simply measure up nails for each finger, file down to customize, glue into place and you’re all set. Well, I put on a set for our trip to Florida this past August.  We were there a week and I had perfect nails… I was loath to have my FL SIL see my non nailed fingers.  I mean, they were freakishly abnormal, so I faked it.  After our visit, I just let the nails come off by themselves.  A weird thing happened, though.  They just started growing!  Wow!  I have no idea where this will go, but so far, we are here:

Fifty years in the making...

I’m tickled blue!

Which brings me to my love affair with $1.99 nail polish and Midnight Blue #105.  Ho HO~!  Since September I’ve been purchasing a color here and there of Sinful Colors nail polish from my local Walgreen’s.  (pic below)  Notice my color choices are ummm a wee bit unconventional.  Thanks to my knitting buddy, Hillary, who has inspired my old self to wear beautiful, yet non-traditional colors out in the open.  She wears blue on her nails quite a bit and has blue in her hair… Loverly!

Old polish that still looks pretty good.

New polish purchased between August and today.









My fear is that one day, hopefully not soon, one of my new nails will break and then, as is inevitable, all the others will either break away in grief or I’ll bite all of them down again succumbing to my anal compulsions.  It’s happened before. One gets a little chip or break, then I put it into my mouth to juuust even it out, then before you know it, bitten down to the quick and almost simultaneously, the remaining nine follow suit and I’m back where I started.  I’m not going to attempt a deeper probe into my psyche in a bid to analyze the reasoning behind this.

Okay, so I feel that I’ve said enough and have succeeded in sealing the fate of my already shaky reputation, so I’ll stop it here and spare anyone who has managed to get this far. In consolation I offer up the promise of another post coming soon.  I’ve been trying to write down my ideas as they come and one did present itself just yesterday.  I recently won a contest and received my prize and will share more tomorrow…..


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